My Journey to Passing the California Bar Exam: Manifestation Techniques

Passing the bar exam can seem like a daunting task. Trust me, I get it! When facing a challenge, I will set myself up for success as much as I can. And, to me, manifestation is part of it!

My Mindset and Approach

Now, the way I approach everything in life is: attack in all fronts. I will put all the eggs in as many baskets as I can and cover all my basis. To me, that involves approaching everything I do physicially and metaphysically. Here, I’d like to share the spiritual aspects and manifestation techiniques I’ve used in my journey.


I lived and breathed the Bar Exam. To be fair, when I was studying for the Bar Exam from Brazil, it was the happiest of times. My theory is: it’s a “closed universe” and I can conquer it. I know what I have to do and how to succeed. It’s easy to have it under control. It is not open-ended like life when the measurement for succeeding is so subject and you can’t really tell except by how happy you are, how much money you’re making, how much you’re enjoying your life etc.

Thus, I would say that, first and foremost, the key to successfully using any of these techiniques is: commiment and choice.

I CHOSE it. This was for ME and I would achieve it, whatever it took. I was willing to try anything to support me and that is the full scope of commitment: unwavering will.


Choosing is a powerful tool for manifestation. I chose to pass the bar exam. I made a clear and conscious decision that this was what I wanted and what I was going to achieve. This choice created a powerful energetic force that helped me to stay motivated and focused.

I KNEW it was just a matter of time and I KNOW everything conspired with me to achieve it.


There are MANY manifestation techiniques. I’ve watched SO MANY YouTube videos about it and I would immediately try it. I recommend you devote a little bit of your time to doing your own research and see which one speaks to you. I tried everything, water cup, grabovoi codes, angel numbers, Neville Goddard, Louis Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn etc.

In my opinion, what has power is what you give power to. It is, then, more about WHAT you believe will work than the techinique itself. Now, I cannot tell you these random techinques worked. What I can vouch for are these ones that I will talk about now, as I would instantly feel a shift and I remained consistent with them long before the Bar Exam.

1. Visualization

Visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting your goals. I would take a moment to see myself passing the bar exam. I would imagine myself telling others about it, how I would feel, and what my life would be like after passing. By creating a clear and vivid mental image of my desired outcome, I was able to align my energy and focus my mind on what I wanted to achieve.

I did this often and every chance that I got: commuting, showering, at the gym. Whenever the topic of bar exam would pop-up in my head, I would see myself succeeding. Even when I was filled with doubt, I would still do it. It kept me confident and motivated!

2. Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that help to reprogram your subconscious mind with new beliefs. I used affirmations to reinforce my confidence and belief in myself. I would say things like “I am capable of passing the bar exam,” “I am focused and determined,” and “I am successful in everything I do.” Affirmations helped me to stay positive and confident throughout the entire process.

You can find a lot of YouTube videos with affirmations. I watched countless and I love them. I would often use this to hype myself up before start studying, so this would be something I did OFTEN, if not daily.

I definitely prefer writing it myself. I would prefer to do it on my notebooks, but if I was too lazy, I would – AT LEAST – open my notes on my phone and do it there. This is probably the thing that I felt the most instant shift inside of me.

From my notes on iphone (I wrote this specifically about MBE questions when I was struggling with it):

I am clear. My mind is clear. I have uttermost clarity. I easily and instantly understand what each question is asking from me. I instantly know the narrow issue being tested. I instantly recall every necessary rule. I instantly know the best alternative answer.

Me, seriously writting these for MBE. Crazy or genius?
3. Scripting

Scripting is another manifestation technique that I used to pass the bar exam. I wrote thank you letters to the universe about how my life would be and how I would feel once I passed the bar exam. I would write about my accomplishments, the doors that would open for me, and the pride I would feel. This technique helped me to stay focused and motivated while studying.

Out of the three techiniques, this was probably the one I did less often. I wouldn’t do this every day or every chance I got like visualizing

An example of my scripting.

This post you see here on LinkedIn was written on February 19th, 2023 – 2 days I sat for the bar.

Access Consciousness

I have been doing Access since 2016. I’ve had times where I wasn’t so engaged with it. However, ever since the beginning of the pandemic I dove in it and never looked back. It is such a contribution! In the future, I will definitely talk more about it and all the amazing resources. For now, here are some of the tools I’ve used during Bar Exam prep.


Access hammered into my head that choice creates. My point of view creates my reality (which is also a maximum of Abraham-Hicks). I am the creator of my life. Life happens for me, not to me. Nothing happened to me, I created it. So, I choose first. I chose to pass the bar.

2. Asking Questions

Another powerful tool for manifestation is asking questions. I would ask myself, “What would it take for me to pass the bar exam?” “What do I need to know?” By asking these questions, I was able to tap into my inner wisdom and gain clarity on what steps I needed to take to achieve my goal. If I was struggling with anything, I would turn it into a question: “What would it take to easily and quickly get this subject/topic?” “What topics I have to know to pass the bar?”

I took a some access classes during bar prep and because of it, I was facilitated on the topic and I also had several group chats with the people I took them with. Often I would ask people for contribution, when I was struggling and when I wanted to thrive. For example, on the morning of the exam, I went into several of the group chats I was in and I asked them: “hey, I’m doing this, please ask me questions”. And they came out with AMAZING questions. The first day of the bar exam was probably one of the most blissful days I’ve ever had in my life. And if for anything, that was worth it!

3. Verbal Processing

Verbal processing is a technique that involves talking through your thoughts and feelings out loud or in your head (I would mostly do it in my head). I would talk through my fears, doubts, and worries about the bar exam and clear it. You can read more about the clearing statement here.

This technique helped me to release any negative energy or limiting beliefs that were holding me back. So, for example, if I was feeling foggy, low energy, mentally confused I would say… everything creating this: POC/POD. Often, I would just say the clearing statement.

4. Engaging with molecules

This is where Access Consciousness veers more into its specialty branch – Talk To The Entities. Every molecule of the universe is conscious. I personally function from the premise that there is an infinite intelligence that permeates everything that exists and thus, we are all one and interconnected.

So, I would connect with the molecules of everything: all the people who has ever taken the bar. What did they know? I would tap into all my professors, the buildings and books from the library where I was. My bar prep books. EVERYTHING. I would take 1, 2 or 5 minutes and just imagine my mind connecting and tapping into everything. I would think: “tap into every one who drafted the questions, every question from the bar exam. What do they know that I now know too?”.

Faith and Prayer

Finally, I want to talk about the importance of faith and prayer. Having faith in myself and in the universe was essential to my success. I prayed every day, asking for guidance and support in achieving my goal. This helped me to stay grounded and connected to my higher purpose.

I truly will put God in everything that I do through prayer. To me, there is nothing small or unimportant. I pray for anything and everything I will ask from God. I mean, EVERYTHING! So, I would often pray to pass the bar, obviously, but also for the things that I noticed I would need to pass the bar: focus, clarity, concentration, joy, calm… whatever it was. I would pray to be guided in my studies and the subjects that would get tested. And, this was the reason I was EXHILARATED after day one. I knew that exam was for me. My favorite subjects, topics that I knew and even MY NAME showed up in the exam (Paula was a Plaintiff in the PR question). I mean… I truly feel like God made that exam for me, which is one of the reasons I prayed so hard to pass it.

GRATITUDE and receiving

I had A LOT of support. From God, the Universe, my friends, family, colleagues, staff, professors. I received so MUCH! I was gifted, constantly. I’m deeply grateful for it! I didn’t do it by myself. It was my work, my commitment and my discipline, yes. However, look at all the people who contributed to me. At everything that contributed to me!

You are not alone. You are incredibly supported. Know that everything exists to support your dreams, goals and choices. Move with that certainty! Gratitude is powerful and extremely nurturing. The best study snack!


During my Bar Exam era, I found a book that was really inspiring: The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn. It really inspired me (even if I didn’t finish it).

Also, I would often listen to subliminal videos – specially for memory, studying – and a lot of Abraham Hicks videos. You can easily find both of these on YouTube. One tip from them that I have implemented on my life was celebrating people who achieved that which I was wishing for. So, I would NEVER miss a chance to celebrate someone passing on the bar. I would celebrate and be happy them as that victory was mine. From strangers to friends!


In conclusion, passing the California bar exam can seem like an impossible task, but with the right manifestation techniques FOR YOU, it can be delightful and enjoyable (Do we dare having it? YES!)

Visualization, scripting, affirmations, asking questions, verbal processing, choosing, faith, and prayer are all powerful tools that can help you to manifest your goals. If anything, to energize and let you have some fun!

Everything begins in the energy field, so aligning your energy and focusing your thoughts on what you want to achieve is the key to success.