‘Study With Me’ Fever

I’m going to admit… I’M OBSESSED. After sitting down and making a very serious and to the minute schedule of my life so I can fit in 6h of daily study (for each hour of class I require around 3h to prepare and go through the material).

Since school is online, study groups last semester was a TOTAL FAIL. I tried my best but all the different time zones make it almost impossible to find good common study time. That’s when I found ‘Study with Me’ videos on YouTube.

I’ve also watched many study techniques that were super helpful and I’ve been trying them to see what works best for me. On my Brazilian Law School, I used to transcribe every class, use outlines and practice exercises.

However, my Masters of Law program is in the US has a total different way of going about it – not to mention a different legal system (common law x civil law). So… IT’S BEEN A JOURNEY.

Here are my favorite videos and I wish it will contribute to you as much as it did for me.


This was the first channel I ever stumbled upon while looking for Law Students. I love the vibes!
My current favorite. I don’t remember how I found James. He’s so authentic and inspirational! I love his discord server.
I’m obsessed with this table!


I loved this video. Specially because I’m also a fan of prepping one day earlier for class! Takes off the stress.
I LOVED his highlighting tips + notes tips. Changed how I did it!
I’ve been loving this to study the Rules and Codes!
Overall amazing tips with different techniques. First time I heard of Anki + Active Recall!
Practice is HUGE! It’s how I passed the Bar Exam in Brazil! Loved this.