The Land Of Possibilities

Ever since my first Access Consciousness class in 2016, I’ve always wanted to participate on the Creative Edge call – a monthly subscription with a leading edge conversation on consciousness.

Yesterday, I was on my first call and WOW! I can say it was a culmination that just opened up to SO MUCH MORE. What a gift it is to be aware of the Land of Possibilities, the land beyond time, this month’s theme.

When COVID started, I chose to participate int he 14-Days with Dr. Dain, then the 14 Billion Days Years with him. And from that, the Frack it! week that launched me into space.

I dived deep into seeking the tools to create whatever I perceived was possible and that took me to… Sarah Grandinetti and her ‘My First Date With The Future’ class.

THEN… I took control of the rocketship.

Everything is changing in a speed that has never been before and everything is becoming clear like NEVER before, really. And I’m so grateful for all the people I’ve met on this journey with Sarah. All the people that TRULY have my back, giving me the TOOLS and awareness so that I can choose whatever will create more in my world.

It’s a place from functioning I’ve never experienced before. It all started with a conversation about choosing. Then, moved into acknowledgment… and here, everything started to dynamically shift! YES, THAT IS THE POWER OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT. And I’ve realized how hard it is for me to acknowledge myself and my capacities and how much that limits my world.

I’ve always had big dreams. At one point, I honestly thought they were impossible. That turned all the lights off in my world. I’m happy I’ve learned how to turn them on again. And this time, I’m not doing it alone.

Choosing everyday… the land of possibilities and actualizing them with the ackonowledgment of everything that I am.

Special thanks to Sarah, Kathy, Yolanda, Marco, Cady, Vitória, Kate, Anna, Hope and all the PCC Crew. ADORE YOU! ❤