Every Man is an Universe


As we grow and learn to be part of the community, its rules begin to sink in us. Certainly, they’re extremely important to allow things to function properly. However, even they have jurisdiction limitations: individuality.

Individuality is the gathering of all qualities that make something or someone unique, original. And that we are: stories, memories, dreams. There are so many nuances that, sometimes, being so hard knowing thyself (and we are never separate, not even for one second). I wonder how someone could ever claim knowing the other. And more: judging to know what is right or wrong for them.

Each person is a world in itself. Each one is the result of all of their experiences, their perception of happenings. All with an unique baggage, such as their fingerprints. So, how can we expect others to think, dress, behave just as we do? Why impose our conclusions and rules to others? Telling them when or not it is appropriate to feel something? Why cross their borders without permission? We can’t!

The well-being and happiness that we seek is never outside of us. The changing of behavior of other is not the answer. We need to look in, not out. As the way we deal the outside world is a reflection of how we live in our inner world. So, everything begins with us, tidying up our own house. And, just as sometimes we struggle, the other struggle as well.

We’re living in a time and space where everyting happens so fast. It is harder and harder to disguise who we really are. And that’s a blessing, for we must deal with our own limitations, engage in improving ourselves and it can only lead us to growing!

It is vital that we know our limits and boundaries, knowing how to defend ourselves when our borders are crossed. And just as we wish respect and comprehension to learn and explore ourselves peacefully, so we must offer to others.

“Man is a universe within himself” and if, when visiting other countries, we prepare and respect their mores and culture. More importantly then wouldn’t do that for our fellows human beings? Starts with you.