Self-imposed Limitations



Living among others is precious. Through that, we have the opportunity of exercising our personalities, develop our capacity of loving and understanding. We become able to see beyond our own experience and perception. We discover who we are. We learn. We conquer. And this is because we’re all differents. And everyone brings to the table an unmatchable set of skils and an unique contribution.

Two people will hardly perceive something exactly the same way. It may look like that, but the nuances are so personal! And this is why we have the right, the freedom… better yet: the obligation of being who we are, because there is no one like us. 


One cannot tell the other what he is capable of doing or not. Usually, when giving his opinion, one will only consider his own perception and experience, ignoring that the other is a world in himself. 

When looking to others experiences, we may think that their limitations are also ours. However, what truly limits us are only our beliefs. That is why it is so important to scan the world and adapt what we find out to our necessities, respecting our individuality. 

The habit of searching, reflecting and understanding our own experiences and being aware to the beliefs that may be keeping us from a happy and peaceful life is key to building a full life that is just right for us. 

We don’t all have to do the same things, live the same way. Just because someone became successful does not mean that you will have to do the same thing in order to be successful too. Of course, we can always make use of what is already know, but we can never forget that we cannot force ourselves into a box that is not ours. We have to walk our own way. 

The world is full of opportunities. There’s space for the millions of possibilities that we humans are. In each moment, we’re making choices, changing our ways, building our future. And it is not limited by our past, our mistakes, our pain. It is unlimited, infinite… just like us. 

We’re capable of extraordinary things and the first step is believing in ourselves. Never give up! Keep walking.