We’re eternal, we’re infinite…

It is always time for change. Every  day we have the opportunity to imprint a new direction to our existence. Everything is changing all the time. A moment is eternity.  Eternity is a moment.

No matter how long something has been going on. In a heartbeat, everything can transform. Ourselves, a situation, a habit. It is always time for a breakthrough. It is never too late do iniciate something new, to reignite a flame. No matter how old you are, your background.

We’re constantly building ourselves. Moment by moment. We’re not a finished work, put into this world like a done deal. We do not die as we were born. We go through so much in between.

Our past does not determine our present, nor our future. Every day, every moment, we are given a blank slate and we can write whatever we want.

We’re an ongoing project. A painting in progress. But this project will never be done. This painting will never be finished. We’re never going to be really ready, done, finished, because… we’re eternal. And, as long as there is life, there will be movement. Not even death can end that.