Where have you been hanging?

We’re living in a time when everything is available. It is possible to find any kind of information, substance – legal or illegal, people, activities… all is allowed and noting is off limits. We have seen it all!

We can encounter any kind of group – people that will unite for many reasons and interests. You can find those who will only eat sweet potato and chicken, those who wear nothing unless it has a valuable label, that will only read those on the NY Times bestsellers’ list, that will kiss boys and girls, that will only kiss boys, that will only kiss girls, those who are totally against interrupting a developing life and those who are pro choice.

One can only conclude that we’re living in a time of extreme freedom. We’re capable of creating anything we want. We can spend our time as we wish. And the result is that we see: everything! An ode to individuality, an aversion to conformity. There’s no more space for trying to fit it into someone else’s mold or to expect people to conform to ours. We’re 7 billion humans… and we’re all unique.

There’s never been more clear that we’re the only ones responsible for our existence and how we conduct ourselves. We have total control over how we act, even of our thoughts. Some with more awareness than others – of course. But, still… by choice!

We’re no longer animals being guided. We are capable. We know! We reach! We seek! We find! We have the ability to CHOOSE whatever we want to believe in. Conform as much as you want… but there’s no more blaming others. There’s no more excuses – it is only up to you.

This is why it only gets harder to live with masks. After all, who can bear a lifetime of illusion? What has been guiding you? Which one is your reality? What is your truth? Are you going to keep ignoring those questions, concerned about the new actor’s relationship? Or are you going to cut through the bullshit and distractions and figure out what’s really important to you – who are you?

In these days, anything is available. Pick the dish you wish from the menu. It is all on the table. But never forget that each choice reveal ourselves. And it has never been easier to recognize someone.