A drop of inspiration for creating your own rules

The world is constantly changing. Sometimes, it is hard to realize it because we’re caught in the middle of it. But, it takes only an attentive look to notice that life as we know it is being questioned by the rebels.

“Hacker” is a world which meaning goes beyond the internet pirate. They’re the people who think outside the box to come up with new ways, methods, shortcuts, skills to improve productivity, solving problems and overcoming limitations – usually in a genious manner! And this keynote is an awesome example of why this mindset it is so important.

Logan is a 13-year-old teenager, but his speech is so inspiring. Specially to those who has always been disturbed by the little bug of restlessness. Who are always seeking more, questioning and breaking the rules, and thinking about new ways of doing every little things.

To all those leaders (asleep or not), a shot of courage to begin this week in full swing. Success!

With much Love,
Paula Camila Pinto