Who are you becoming?

We’re constantly building ourselves. Throughout our choices – that, eventually, become actions – we’re becoming who we will be.

Aristotle said: “After having acted in a manner, according to the virtue we aim to acquire, is that we become virtuous. The same happens with other forms of art, because the practice is our primary way for instruction.  Such as  the things we can only do well when we know how to do it. For example: is building houses that we become masons, playing lyre that we become musicians. The same is with the practice of justice, so we become just and practicing temperance that we become moderate and sober in our cravings. Finally, is making ACTS OF COURAGE that we become courageous. The same happens with passions, desires and the cholera. Because, our habits of behavior in the same circumstances, each one acting differently, will lead the man to become… some wise and moderate, others debauchee and rapt. Ultimately, is from the repetition of the same acts that habits are born. And that is way it is necessary that our actions are subjected to a determined manner, because it is from their differences that new habits are born. Therefore, it is not indifferent that, from the early ages of life we get accustomed to act in a certain way”.

This is way it is so important that we’re always awaken to notice everything that surrounds us: how we deal and treat others, how we take care of ourselves, how we conduct ourselves in many situations. Aware that, in every moment we’re, choice by choice, action by action, brick by brick, build who we are becoming. It is not that past that will forever reverberate, because nothing is immutable. It is our present that sets our future – that will, eventually become the present.

Therefore, if we keep ourselves alert, paying attention to how we’re acting or reacting to external stimuli, we will be able to make conscious choices that will lead us exactly where we want to go. Kind of a “retirement for happiness”.  Because, in the same way we invest and save money so we can have peace and tranquility in the future, we must also cultivate all that is consistent to our dreams and goals. And that alignment is the key to the vehicle that will take us to where we want to be.


After all we talked about,  if you’re interested in bringing that to your life, here goes a petit exercise: throughout the day, take small intervals to think about how you have been acting. When you’re stuck in traffic  or waiting in a line, instead of running to your smartphone, reading tweets, facebook…  meditate about everything that happened so far. How have you behaved? How do you feel about the way you’re conducted yourself? The way you acted reflects, is in alignment with who you want to be? If yes, GREAT! Keep going, keep getting better. If not… WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT IT?

With time, that will be so natural that being aware of what is happening will become part of you. Remember: practice leads to perfection.

With Love,
Paula Camila