Us and the World

What if the world was a result of everything we ever wished for? What if you had the power to transform the world into the place of your dreams? What it would be like? Exactly as it is today? Probably not.

However, the reality is the product of our thoughts and actions. So, what does the world we live in today say about us?

It is always very hard to look at ourselves and find out what in us need improvement. It is always so much easier to look to the other and blame it all on them. But, the funny thing is: what bothers us in others is, usually, a reflection of ourselves. It’s easier to see in others what we don’t see in ourselves. And maybe, this is the big purpose and beauty of relationships.

It is through relationships – not only with people, but animals, plants, places… everything there is – that we create ourselves and build the world.

This is way, everything there is today is a result of how we relate to everything around us. We influence and are influenced by others ALL the time!

And in this scenery, the job of a leader is EXTREMELY important. And who would that be? Someone who is not attached by the rules, by how things has always been, but is capable of creating its own reality, through his beliefs, intuition, faith and certainty in this capacity of doing. So, the truth is, we’re all potential leaders, as long as we always try our best and believe in it, living up to our potential. We are, therefore, so capable of changing the world.

So… let’s say… today, instead of going in to work and give yourself up to discouragement or distracting yourself with social medias, avoiding your own reality, you thanked for that opportunity of being in that place with those people, learning whatever it is that you need to grow and develop? And… what if, instead of being upset with your partner, you decided to understand him? Or, if you stopped waiting for someone else to give what you’re missing, but gave a little bit more of yourself to others? Wouldn’t small things like that change the world into a place of opportunities to all of us!?

Nothing is by change! There is a reason why everything is as it is. And that would by our own limits that need to be overcome. The world is not a place of problems, but a place of OPPORTUNITIES. And how you will seize them is what is going to define who you are.